User experience in Networking and Communication
I am looking for and I am evaluating projects and people involved in Social Media and Community Management, Social Networking, Professional Orientation in the Social Media Management and Employment through International Collaboration Experiments and Initiatives.

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I speak the user language and for me the Social Media experience is not theoretical but based in real life creative experience where the Social Media belong to the users and the community.

My idea was to put an emphasis in User Experience for Networking, because that is exactly what I have been trying to do. The technical part of networking is complex, sure it helps a lot, but more important is the essence, the intention and the goal to achieve. Networking has two aspects: the technical and the human, since we deal with people. I have tried to give an emphasis in the second aspect, the human networking and communication, without ignoring the first.

Some technical tips:

For those who are interested in entrepreneurship or startups, I suggest that you create a profile in and
You can find there partners, projects, employers or jobs.

For those who are interested in research I recommend to use and create a profile in

If you want to meet your local community, create a profile in and meet your local community.

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